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Students & Parents


CISM’s canteen is operated by Institute of Culinary Education and Managment Inc.  The concessionaire provides food and beverage services during regular school days from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  A variety of international cuisine is served during breakfast, AM snacks, lunch and PM snacks. The canteen menu for the month is available at the cafeteria.  The facilities of ICE conform with the US ServSafe Regulations on safety and sanitation.

The CISM canteen concessionaire designs menus to promote and support the health and well-being of CISM students, staff and other members of the school community and provides meals and drinks that are attractive, nutritious and tasty at reasonable cost.  Students may pre-order food.  The pre-order system guarantees that the food choice of the student is available and ready by the time he/she gets in the cafeteria and there is no need to wait in line.  Meals for special diets and allergies can be arranged.  For comments and/or questions on canteen services, please email, attention: Canteen Committee.


Consistent with the school’s mission statement of being sensitive to the needs of students and aspiring to nurture all aspects of their well-being, the CISM school clinic aims to address the physical, mental, emotional and social health needs of the students.  The clinic is manned by a friendly, competent, caring and licensed nurse who oversees the provision of quality school health services that strives to provide the appropriate support that that the students need for optimum learning.  

Aiming to maintain a healthy environment for the CISM community, the school clinic undertakes the following:

  1. Provide nursing care, first aid, and emergency treatment appropriate to the health needs of students and members of the CISM community;
  2. Coordinate with the nearest hospital in medical emergencies where further management/ treatment is required;
  3. Conduct regular health screening, which includes height and weight measurement and vision examination, for all students and lice checks for lower school students;
  4. Assess students for early signs and symptoms of health problems that may affect learning;
  5. Administer non-prescription drugs to students (for Pre-K to Grade 5, with parental consent) and staff, as necessary;
  6. Administer prescription drugs to students with written and signed parental and licensed doctor authorization;
  7. Assess students for issuance of clearance after absence due to illness;
  8. Communicate with parents and teachers regarding the health status and health needs of the students;
  9. Provide first aid kits for all school activities and school trips;
  10. Monitor the school canteen services for sanitation and food handling practices;
  11. Arrange Red Cross first aid training for select staff, as well as first aid awareness for all faculty;
  12. Monitor disease patterns and control communicable disease outbreaks through implementation of existing infection control policy or establishing protocols as the need arises (i.e.: imminent outbreak, seasonal diseases, etc.)

These health services aim to complement rather than take the place of parental responsibility and care that students receive from their pediatrician / doctor.  The school clinic recognizes that promoting the health of our student requires close coordination and collaboration with the students’ parents, doctor(s), and teachers. Parents are encouraged to provide and furnish the clinic necessary information and documentation that will help in addressing the health needs of their children. 

For any questions or comments, please email Nurse Mia Completado at


Chinese International School Manila has two libraries: the Early Years / Elementary School Library (Pre-K to Grade 5), and the Middle School / High School Library (Grades 6 to 12).

The libraries support the mission of the school by acquiring, providing access to and offering guidance in the use of the best resources in support of the school’s curriculum.  In addition, the library media program aims to help each student excel and achieve maximum potential by creating a conducive and inviting learning environment, fostering a love for reading and promoting the effective use of information and communications technology. Through collaboration, the librarians partner with the larger CISM community to empower students in becoming life-long learners, responsible citizens and critical problem solvers.

Acceptable Use Policy for Technology Resources and Network System

Each CISM student, faculty, and support staff member is responsible for his/her appropriate and lawful actions and activities involving School and personal computers, laptops, tablets, devices, smart phones, cellular phones, PDAs, PMPs, printers, audio-visual equipment, software, applications, and any other technology resources (hereinafter, collectively referred to as the School’s Technology Resources), and for his/her and the School's electronic files and database, electronic information, file and print services, network security, directory services, wireless connectivity, internet services, passwords and accounts (hereinafter collectively referred to as the School’s Network System).   All students, faculty, and staff who use the School’s Technology Resources and Network System agree to comply with the acceptable use guidelines and expectations outlined in the School's Acceptable Use Policy for Technology Resources and Network System.

Violation of any of these policies may result in suspension of technology resources / network system privileges, disciplinary action, referral to law enforcement, legal action, expulsion or termination.   Any member of the School community who has questions about whether a particular activity is acceptable or not is encouraged to contact the President or ICT Technical or Development Head.

Access to the School’s Technology Resources and Network System is provided solely for education-related and work-related purposes.  CISM students, faculty & staff are prioritized in the use of the School’s Technology Resources and Network System and they are expected to act in a considerate, responsible, and lawful manner.

The full text of the Acceptable Use Policy for CISM's Technology Resources and Network System may be found in PowerSchool.

Anti-Bullying Policy

Child Protection Policy

Service Learning

The CISM program integrates active and engaged involvement, learning, and development in meaningful service that meets the authentic needs of the community and achieves curricular objectives.  Proactive and responsible interaction with partner organizations such as Philippine Community Fund (, Philippine Eagle Foundation (, and Tetra Pak Philippines ( enhances the students' capacities to be analytical, critical, reflective, and creative thinkers and doers.  CISM students tap into their interests, skills, and talents to investigate relevant community issues.  The dynamic process leads them to prepare, plan, take action, collaborate, demonstrate, then reflect on the results and outcomes of their hard work.  

Student advocacy and civic engagement, whether it be in sustaining and safeguarding our environment and ecosystem or uplifting the human condition, empower the students to have a voice and make a difference while advancing the School's mission.  Service learning provides a rich opportunity for students to respect diverse beliefs, ideologies, and cultures, develop leadership abilities, sharpen communication skills, and make invaluable interdisciplinary and global connections.


The Chinese International School Manila Parent Support Association's (CISM PSA) mission is to promote friendly relations and mutual understanding amongst CISM's parents, teachers, and administrators.  The CISM PSA ensures that the School is a safe and caring environment which nurtures students who live to love, love to learn, learn to lead, and lead to leave a legacy.

The aims and objectives of the CISM PSA are to encourage members to use their time and resources to contribute and to give support to the enhancement of school life in accordance with established School policy, vision, and mission by:

  • Fostering harmonious communication and cooperation between students, parents, teachers, headmaster, administrators and the Board of Trustees of the School;
  • Helping to strengthen the relationship between the home and the School;
  • Raising funds to enhance the School and school-wide policies and programs;
  • Communicating a positive image of the School within our walls and to the wider community.

All parents and legal guardians of students enrolled at CISM and all faculty and administrators of the School are automatically members of the CISM PSA.  For SY2017-2018, the CISM PSA Officers are:

  • Camilla Yu, President
  • Joanne Sales, Vice President
  • Shirley Uy, Treasurer
  • Madhu Saini, Secretary

Please like us on Facebook under CISM PSA.