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Academic Program

The Chinese International School Manila (CISM) curriculum is unique and meticulously designed using the most outstanding international sources and educational practices. We recognize the importance of preparing our children for the challenges of globalization and uncertainties of the future. At CISM, we commit to deliver the highest standard of education to ensure our students will be equipped to apply to the best colleges and universities in the world.

The main language of instruction at CISM is English.  All students are required to attend Mandarin language classes. Chinese culture and traditions are likewise incorporated into the curriculum.

CISM Grade Level
Age (as of 31 August)
Nursery 3
Pre-Kinder 4
Kinder 5
Elementary School
Grade 1 6
Grade 2 7
Grade 3 8
Grade 4 9
Grade 5 10
Middle School
Grade 6 11
Grade 7 12
Grade 8 13
High School
Grade 9 14
Grade 10 15
Grade 11 16
Grade 12 17*

* All students must graduate from Grade 12 before their 20th birthday. Students who do not meet that criterion will not be accepted, even if they do not plan to graduate from CISM.