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Middle School

The curriculum in Middle School embraces the vibrant potential in every one of our students. At CISM, we utilize an approach to teaching and learning which empowers students in the transitional early-teen phase to develop the knowledge, concepts, skills, and attitudes needed to participate effectively and to be prepared for life in the twenty-first century. We focus on moving them forward with great confidence and a passion for learning. The program provides learning in a broad base of disciplines to ensure basic knowledge acquisition and personal development whilst encouraging exploration of interests outside the classroom.

Academic rigor continues to be the cornerstone of the program. Course objectives are aligned such that students are not only knowledgeable about the subject areas, but also develop a genuine understanding of principles and an ability to apply these in new and other contexts. Core modules are taught by specialist teachers. Children move from one classroom to the next for each block in the day.

The curriculum is enriched and enhanced through exposure to intercultural and interracial awareness, community and service, environmental and ecological consciousness, and to the values of respect, honesty, responsibility, and good citizenship.

The Chinese language program at this stage strives to promote the linguistic, cognitive, social and affective development in each child. Through real-life experiences, this course will develop communication skills in both spoken and written Chinese. Chinese heritage and culture are interspersed within the lessons. Students have the opportunity to participate in CISM's Chinese language and culture summer immersion program.