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Admissions Process

STEP 1: Introductory Tour / Application Forms

Parents of prospective students are encouraged to visit CISM's campus from October 1st onwards of every school year and tour the school and its facilities. To make the visit informative and worthwhile to parents, they are requested to phone the Admissions Office (at +632 798-0011 or at (0917) 798-0011 ahead of time for an appointment.  During this visit, parents will be furnished an Admissions and Information Packet.

Prior to setting a testing date, the parents of each applicant MUST submit all the required documentation.

  • Completed Application Form
  • Completed Medical Form
  • Completed Recommendation Form
  • Copy of Applicant's birth certificate
  • Copy of Applicant's passport page showing date of birth
  • Copy of Applicant's visa and ACR/ICR, if relevant
  • Copy of Mother and Father's passports, visas, and ACR/ICR, if relevant
  • Transcripts of current and previous school year
  • Three (3) 2" x 2" photos (taken in the last 6 months, white background)
  • Special needs report (if any)
  • Applicant must be living with at least one (1) parent
    Notarized proof of guardianship (if child is not living with his/her parents)
STEP 2: Testing

To establish a prospective student's academic readiness for CISM's curriculum, an admissions test is administered. The Admissions Office will assign a test schedule. CISM charges an Application and Assessment Fee of Two Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (PHP 2,500.00). This fee must be paid on or before the test day.

The Admissions Committee reserves the right to deny an applicant at Step 2 should they not meet the minimum academic standards of the School.

STEP 3: Sit-in

After completing the admissions test, the prospective student will be required to return to CISM on another day for a sit-in. The duration of this sit-in will be the full length of the school day at that grade level applied for. The Headmaster has full discretion to waive the sit-in or to recommend a sit-in at an alternative grade level, if he deems it will be in the student's best interest.

STEP 4: Interview with Parents

Following Steps 2 and 3, the Admissions Office may arrange for an interview with the parent(s) and a panel comprising the CISM Headmaster (or nominee) and at least one Trustee of the Board.

STEP 5: Offer of a Place and Acceptance

After the completion of Steps 2, 3, and 4, the Admissions Committee will carefully review the student's application and make a decision on whether to offer or refuse acceptance into the school. Please note that should the number of applications for a grade level exceed the number of spaces available for the term, the Admissions Committee will deliberate on which students will be offered acceptance.

All decisions on enrollment and grade level placement are final. CISM reserves the right to deny a student's acceptance into the school if any information provided in the admissions forms/documentation prove to be false, misleading, deceptive, incorrect, and/or incomplete.

STEP 6: Payment of Matriculation Fee

The Matriculation Fee is payable in full upon acceptance of a place. This non-refundable, one-time charge is applicable to all NEW students.