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Admissions Policy

CISM accepts students desiring an internationally-rated and challenging education that aims to develop proactive, responsible, principled, open-minded, balanced, compassionate, and engaged global citizens. The admission of children to CISM is based on a clear set of expectations. These are outlined below.

  • All students, regardless of nationality, must reside in the Philippines with at least one (1) parent who holds a valid visa that allows legal residence in the Philippines.  Guardianship placements require the prior approval of CISM's Admissions Committee which is composed of an Admissions Officer, the Guidance Counselor, the Director, the IB DP Coordinator (if applicable) and the Head of Schools.  
  • CISM has an English-as-an-Additional Language (EAL) program in place applicable for those students whose proficiency in English is not at grade level.  EAL will be offered with a corresponding fee.
  • Children are placed in classes together with their age-peers. The age cut-off dates are specified in the Admissions Guidelines.
  • To ensure maximum student learning and efficient teaching by the faculty, class size for each section is fixed for the grade levels. These are specified in the Admissions Guidelines.
  • When a section is at capacity, a waiting list is started. One additional section may be opened by the Head of Schools, after consideration and consultation with the Board of the Trustees.  CISM has allocated a maximum of two sections per grade for Elementary School.
  • The school is on a rolling admissions basis.  For the current school year, students will be accepted up until the beginning of the fourth quarter.
  • The School, at any point in the school year, upon the written recommendation of the Guidance Counselor / CARE teacher, may require that a student be assessed by an outside specialist to assist the School in determining if the child is in need of CISM's Alternative Resources in Education (CARE) program, Learning or Behavioral Support. The cost of the assessment will be shouldered by the parents. The Guidance Counselor / CARE teacher will indicate to the outside specialist that a complete and original signed copy of the assessment be sent directly to the School.  The Guidance Counselor / CARE teacher will discuss the matter with the parent and an agreement with regard to the placement and accommodations required will be determined.
  • For students who are determined by the CARE team to have special education needs, CARE support will be offered with a corresponding fee.   All CARE guidelines may be seen in the school's Special Education Needs Policy.